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Blake is a globally connected commercial expert in pharma and health technologies. Until November 2022, Blake was the NHS’s chief negotiator with the pharmaceutical industry and was Interim Chief Commercial Officer and member of NHS England’s Executive Committee.

Blake led successful negotiations securing high-profile commercial deals for cutting-edge new medicines including three gene therapies, multiple oncology products and personalised medicines. He created and implemented the Commercial Framework for New Medicines and Innovative Medicines Fund to stand alongside the Cancer Drugs Fund. He delivered first of a kind innovative procurements for NHS patients such as Hepatitis C, AMR subscription model, GRAIL agreement and Inclisiran population health programmes in the UK.

Prior to joining the NHS, Blake held senior roles in the pharmaceutical industry for 25 years at Sanofi. Blake was Head of Global Commercial Operations for Sanofi’s generics company, and managed Sanofi branded innovative businesses across multiple European countries. Blake’s passion is that commercial activity is fundamental to support patient access to innovative and the most clinically effective healthcare treatments/solutions.

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